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Podcasting is a firmly established way to become a thought leader in your chosen channel. It is engaging and if done well will keep the listeners interest on their daily commute, their lunch time, or even when they’re sat at their desk looking for a new supplier. We offer flexible ways to start, manage and grow this rapidly expanding communications channel.




Telesummits are the very best way to launch a new product or service. Think about the last time you went to a show or conference. All the travel, the overnight stays, the time from the office. This new way of working offers your customers, contacts and leads a way to learn about your new products and services from the comfort of their own environment. Video, audio and presentations all available to view in the way that you choose. Get in touch to see how you can stand out from every other stand holder at every other show.


Training and Marketing


At Copper Road we excel at training and marketing solutions for companies that are looking to stand out from the crowd.


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So, you've decided to create a podcast!

by Copper Road

Basic Audio Production

The basic package includes:

  • Removing unwanted audio from the introduction and ending.
  • Splicing pre-mixed theme or signature tunes.
  • Basic EQ, levels and mastering.

Depending on the length of the podcast this can involve between 1 and 3 hours of work. As a rule of thumb every 20 minutes of podcast requires an hour of production. Of course this does depend on the quality of the supplied file.

Rates start at £35 per hour

Detailed Audio Production

The detailed package includes;

  • Everything in the basic package.
  • More detailed editing including removing unwanted noises and interruptions.
  • Splicing pre-mixed intro’s, stingers, and beds.
  • Balancing, compression, EQ and Mastering.

Depending on the length of the podcast this can involve between 1 and 5 hours work. For regular projects we can discuss project rates, themes and the creation and production of original music or other audio elements.

Rates start at £35 per hour

Studio Gear

We use the best equipment and software to ensure that you have the highest quality available.

  • Windows environment, all audio formats.
  • Steinberg Cubase Pro 8 Advanced Audio Production System.
  • Alesis and Focusrite audio management hardware.
  • Mackie Soundboards.

But then we would, we love gear and take every opportunity to add to the ridiculous list of studio equipment.